Medical Olympicus Contest

The 3rd International Medical Olympicus Contest

On June 1st 2012 the scientific network of CERN-HERMES officially started functioning in the establishments of CERN in Geneva. At that time, both CERN and scientists from the international scientific community, in recognition of my contribution to the establishment of the whole network, suggested that I become a member of the advisory committee of the network and also General Director of Development and Promotion the whole network. One of the aims of the network is the reciprocality of Greece by CERN. In CERN-HERMES, participate research groups from CERN and European Universities. From the Greek side actively participate, the University of Crete, the National Metsovio  Polytechnic University, the Universities of Athens, Patras, Alexandroupolis, Nicosia, the Technological Institute of Athens, the National Research center Dimokritos, the Greek Atomic Energy Agency and the University Hospitals of  Heraklion, Alexandroupolis and Patras. From the National scientific community, participate 25 universities and research centers from eleven countries.

Evaluating the knowledge I had in the previous months, being informed from deferent research subjects, I was especially interested on the subject of cancer treatment by using protons and decided to submit an official proposal for the establishment of a center for cancer treatment, using protons in Crete. This treatment is technologically the most up to date, and medically the most effective method of treatment using radiation. This method can focus on tumors who are located in great depths and in difficult anatomic points (i.e. tumors of the upper thorax and of the brain). Furthermore, totally destroys genetic material (DNA) of cancer cells and minimizes the reappearance of cancer. Induces only a minimal injury of the by standing normal tissues, in contrast to the photon bundles. The danger of inducing secondary cancers due to radiation by protons is much smaller compared to that from conventional radiotherapy. For this reason, this treatment by protons is used in cases of pediatric cancer. Treatment duration is much shorter related to the referring time of treatment by conventional means.

After a Marathon like effort, I managed to obtain from the Greek authorities the approval of this practical new treatment of malignant tumors of cancer by using protons, for all Greek territory. Now this treatment is a historic reality for our country which gives hope to thousands of patients with cancer and opens the route for the establishment of such a center in our country.


Previous Meetings

In between the previous International Medical Olympicus Meetings, according to our constitution, we organized specific lectures about: Ancient Medicine, Asclepia, the Asclepion in the Island of Ko, the birthplace of Hippocrates, and for interesting archaeological findings.



Ex-rector Professor A. Manthos and ex-vice rector Professor O. Gkimba were nominated as honorary members of the Association.

Professor M. Mironidou addressing the audience

Notes from Colleagues who participated in the
3rd international Medical Olympicus Contest

Thank you for the great honor you addressed to me to come and present our work… and for the excellent hospitality… hope to meet again and discuss… I would promote my work always in the frame of the excellence and philanthropy in which the Olympiads participate…”

Dr Sterghios A. Moschos, Reader-Director University of Westminster, London

The 3rd Contest was an excellent event. Congratulations for its flawless organization. I have been satisfied by the very interesting papers which were presented and I will surely participate in the next Contest…”

Dr Ioannis Vamvakas, Athens

it was a pleasure to participate in the 3rd Contest… the event was very interesting and of high scientific level…

Professor Giuseppe Rubin’, Bari

The 3rd Contest was excellent. Combined a high scientific level, the enthusiasm of new colleagues, the achievement of their efforts, professionalism and politeness. I congratulate you and wish that the Organizing Committee shall organize similar Contests for many more decades…”

Professor Stavros Baloviannis, Thessaloniki

“I thank you cordially for the chance you gave me to participate in the 3rd Medical Olympicus Contest. I declare from now my participation in the next…”

Professor Andreas Petropoulos, Geneva

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the 3rd Medical Olympicus Contest…”

Alexis Kokolakis, Director of CERN-HERMES

-Once again I’d like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the 3rd Medical Olympicus Contest. At the same time I want to congratulate you for the successful organization of the meeting… Wishing you and co­workers all the best… Thank you for your… increasing the level of medical sciences..”

Professor Boris Ajdinovic, Belgrade

Congratulations for holding another wonderful and successful meeting… The quality of papers presented in this meeting was very high…

Dr Rakesh Kumar, Professor and Head of Department, New Delhi

I wanted to thank you and the Organizing Committee for arranging the 3rd International Medical Olympicus Contest which was a great scientific experience for me… I highly appreciate your kindness, the precise and wonderful time schedule and the excursion as well.”

Dr Amir Nikouei, Tehran