Fifth International Medical Olympicus Contest

"Αιεν αριστεύειν" "Always best" 3-6 October 2019

University of Thessaloniki

Under the auspices of the Medical School of the University of Thessaloniki

Honored Scientists

Honorary Fellow of our Association Professor Abass Alavi.

Original papers of social interest

from all medical specialties, biosciences and medical technologies. One invited lecture and two special workshops

The Administrative Board

from Medical Olympicus Association


Prof. Emer. Philip Grammaticos


Prof. Paraskevi Argyropoulou-Pataka


Prof. Emer. Vasileios Kokkas


Prof. Emer. Eleyftherios Giannoulis


Prof. Maria Mironidou-Tzouveleki, Assoc. Prof. Pericles Foroglou, Dr. Fani Melfou,
Dr. Siokos Apostolos, Assist. Prof. Niki Papavramidou


1. Abass Alavi, Philadelphia, President, USA, 2. Boris Ajdinovic, Belgrade - Milovan Matovic, Kragujevac, Serbia, 3. Gurupad Bandopadyaya, New Delhi - Devinder Dhawan - Suresh Kumar Sharma, Chandigarh, India, 4. Witold Cholewinski - Agata Pietrzak, Poland, 5. Frank De Geeter, Brussels - Alex Sarafidis, Brussels, Belgium, 6. Jun Hatazawa - Tomoaki Yamamoto, Tokyo, Japan, 7. Tom Karagiannis, Melbourne, Australia, 8. Lionis Christos - Giagkos Lavranos, Cyprus, 9. Chao Ma, China, 10. Peter Mailänder, Germany, 11. Amir Nikouei, Tehran, Iran, 12. Andreas Petropoulos, Baku, Azerbaijan, 13. Andreas Petropoulos, Lausanne, Switzerland, 14. Giuseppe Rubini, Bari - Barbara Palumbo, Perugia, Italy, 15. Mike Sathekge, South Africa, 16. Helmut Sinzinger, Vienna, Austria, 17. Henry Tam, U.K, 18. Philip Grammaticos, Greece, 19. Vasileios Kokkas, Greece.

The International Medical Contests are open to all medical specialties, technologies and to Pharmacology. We invite you all to participate by submitting original papers of social interest through their National Advisors or directly through

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Previous International Medical Olympicus Contests

One way to improve quality of our research is communicate with other colleagues,
from all medical specialties discussing and evaluating our scientific work.