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About the city of Thessaloniki

The city of Thessaloniki was first built about 2.300 years ago by general Cassandros, brother-in-law of Alexander the Great. The Greek population and culture of the city prevailed for all these years against various conquerors. One can see the Roman palace of Galerius, Augustus of the East, at Navarino square and higher, the Arch of Galerius through which one heads to a round shaped church: Rotonda. Rotonda was used by Romans and Christians. Golden mosaics were found only in Rotonda and in two other places: Constantinople and Ravenna in Italy. The walls of the city included the White Tower in the east, and surrounded the city till Democratia Square in the west. In Democratia Square one can see the statue of King Constantine who freed the city from the Turks in 1912.
 Starting from the west side of the city one can visit the harbor and by the seaside reach Aristotle Square, the centre of Thessaloniki. Further on to the east the White Tower, the Public Park, the statues of C. Karamanlis and of  Alexander the Great, and coming back north-west, the Museum, the International Fair, the University of Thessaloniki and through Egnatia Street return to Democratia Square.
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