Medical Olympicus Association

“Aιεν αριστεύειν” “Always best”

Sponsorship and Exhibition

Dear Sponsors and Exhibitors,
On behalf of the Board of the International Medical Olympicus Association we take great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the Medical Olympiad.

We wish the sponsors to be involved more actively as participants in the conference. For example, all sponsors/exhibitors will have access to all activities of this event.

We encourage Exhibitors to be innovative with their displays and to offer live demonstrations and hands-on technical sessions. Giveaways, stand design, competitions and signage are all ways to improve the look and appeal of your promotion. The Meeting Managers reserve the right to suggest upon the most scientific presentation of stands.

The Meeting offers an opportunity to increase your company's exposure by: a) E-marketing – including your logo in our correspondence, in our programme and our flyers. b) Including your logo and / or some small advertisement in our website. c) You may demonstrate your new devices and services in banners, booths, etc and gain instant market feedback. d) Discuss development of key points raised at the Meeting with colleagues participating in the Meeting.

Payment Details

Payments must be made early and prior to every event via a credit card or deposited to our account of Iatrikos Olympicos Syndesmos in Alpha Bank, IBAN: GR 50 0140 7080 4740 0200 2004 801, BIC: CRBAGRAAXXX , or by a check payable to the Medical Olympicus Association. Please mention the name of the depositor.

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